The chin of a person is not only a physical part of the body. The position of the chin indicates psychological connotations. It symbolizes character, resolve and strength. It also refers to a person’s resiliency and ability to spring back from adversity according to symbolists.

Individuals being unique have different chin positions, shape and form. Some has chin deformity, excessive chin length and misalignments. These chin imperfections causes a person to have less self-esteem and can affect the way they live. Cosmetic surgery Sydney offers chin surgery which can restructure and redefine a person’s chin. In this case, a person’s dream of getting that perfect chin will be one step closer to reality.

The chin and jawline are one of the facial areas which are vulnerable to the signs of aging. These areas are very noticeable that’s why a person’s age range may be easily known by just looking into it. With cosmetic surgery Sydney, a fine chin that can add balance to the face can be achieve and can make a person look younger.

How is Chin Surgery Performed?

Restructuring the chin is achieved with the use of implants or by repositioning the bone that supports the chin. Plastic surgeons Sydney makes use of different chin implants that is manufactured from various materials. As of this day, there are no recorded diseases associated with the use of chin implants. Before the procedure is done, plastic surgeons Sydney will consult and discuss to the patient the type of chin implant to be used.

During the surgery, an incision will be made in the inside of the lower lip or beneath the chin. The chin bone will be repositioned and the desired implant will be placed.

Plastic surgery Sydney can combine chin surgery or genioplasty with different procedures such as the following for a better outcome:

  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Neck
  • Neck liposuction

Potential Candidates for Chin Surgery

  • Persons with excessive chin length
  • Persons who lack chin dimension and definition
  • Persons with deformed chin
  • Physically and mentally fit person
  • Those having positive outlook and realistic expectations about the procedure

Before deciding on getting a chin surgery, it is best to talk to your surgeon at plastic surgery Sydney to be aware and knowledgeable about what to expect in the procedure.