Ear deformities can occur in a wide variety. Some patients are even born with protruding ears or even absent ears because of weak or poorly formed cartilage. Deformities of the ear are a result of trauma related to accidents or can be acquired through birth. These deformities may cause social anxiety in both children and adults. Regardless of the origin, all of these ear conditions can be treated and corrected surgically through Sydney plastic surgery. These procedures guarantee that the patient’s hearing will not be altered, but the appearance will improve and self- confidence of a person will increase. All of these are possible through Sydney plastic surgery.

How Cosmetic Ear Surgery Is Done

Ear reshaping comes in many forms. One makes use of cutting the cartilage out. The cartilage is the main structural component of the ear. Another involves folding the ear and stitching a part of the cartilage rather than cutting it away.  In either case, your plastic surgeon Sydney will start by incising the back of the ear with a small cut. This will allow access into the cartilage for the procedure to be done. After the surgery is complete, your plastic surgeon Sydney will close the incision with stitches.

What to Expect and How to Prepare for Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Ear surgery will last for two to three hours. This entirely depends on the complexity of the procedure. If another surgery will be done, then it may take additional hours. Plastic surgery Sydney surgeons will give you detailed information about what your case requires. For adults, a local anesthesia together with a sedative is used. For children, general anesthesia is used in order to put them to sleep in order for them not to move during the procedure. People who are subjected to general anesthesia are not allowed to take anything by mouth after midnight before the surgery and the last meal should be soft foods only.

Most ear surgeries at plastic surgery Sydney are done on an outpatient basis. For adults, after the surgery is completed, they can already go home at the same day. In the case of a child, one night stay in the hospital is preferred.