If a person’s ears are misshapen or is protruding, cosmetic surgery Sydney may be the best option to decide on. The ear surgery or which is also known as otoplasty is commonly done on children with age range of 4 to 14 years old. If you think it is too late, well it is never too late to have otoplasty. But the younger the person is, the better, as the ear cartilage is much softer during earlier years of life.

Cosmetic surgery Sydney offers otoplasty in order to correct various ear conditions such as abnormally large lobes of the ear, lop ear, shell ear and protruding ears. Adults may still look into getting an ear surgery as they are still potential candidates. Adults with protruding ears may still have practical problems such as difficulty in wearing different headgears like a helmet. Women with protruding ears may also look into getting an ear surgery because they may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about exposing their ears up.

Deciding on Ear Surgery

Consulting your plastic surgeons Sydney is the first step in deciding for this procedure. They know what is good for you and will advise you regarding the must-knows of the procedure. During you first meeting, it is vital to tell your plastic surgeons Sydney about your expectations, goals as well as your past to current medical history. Also inquire about the risks, costs, benefits, recovery time and other things you would like to talk about.

You can also talk to the health insurance company where you are registered to find out what the insurance may be able to cover. Most health insurance companies will only cover the ear reshaping surgery if it will surely solve a problem in the ear’s function. For example, if plastic surgeon Sydney will do the ear surgery to correct a deformity, hearing impairment or congenital abnormality, then your insurance will surely provide coverage.

But if it will be done for cosmetic purposes only, then expect that it will not be covered at all. In this case, ask your plastic surgeon Sydney for full details regarding the costs and payment options.