Say Goodbye to Droopy Eyelids; Look young with Eyelid Surgery

eyelid surgeryDroopy eyelids is always related to your age. It is one of the facial areas that determines whether you are really young or you are just young at heart. We cannot stop the effects of aging, but that doesn’t mean that we will not do something about it. There are always options in order to correct eyelid problems just like getting an eyelid surgery at cosmetic surgery Sydney. This is one of the steps in masking your age and achieving a temporary youthful appearance.

How is Eyelid Surgery done?

Eyelid surgery or also known as blepharoplasty corrects eyelid problems by tightening sagging skin in the area surrounding the eyes in order to achieve a youthful appearance. Cosmetic surgery Sydney in some cases, improves a person’s vision by removing droopy eyelids to provide a less obstructed view. This is done by removing the excessive skin, fat and muscles from either the upper or lower eyelids.

When is Functional Blepharoplasty Needed?

A functional blepharoplasty is an eyelid surgery that is done for medical reasons. Plastic surgeons Sydney in most cases perform this procedure in order to eliminate loose skin from the eyelid that droops low enough and impair one’s vision. Another functional problem is having difficulty in wearing glasses because of baggy eyelids.

As with cosmetic blepharoplasty, this procedure is performed by plastic surgeons Sydney who are oculoplastic surgeons and ophthalmologists. However, those who are ear, nose and throat, oral, maxillofacial and general plastic surgeons can also perform the procedure.

Ptosis and Eyelid Surgery

Ptosis which is the medical term for a sagging or drooping eyelid may occur in one or both eyes. When the eyelid’s edge falls too low, it can cover a part of the eye can impair vision. In most cases, this is a result of aging, but sometimes related to neurological disorders. Plastic surgery Sydney corrects this condition by repairing the tendon that is stretched. It is not that common for a patient to have a droopy eyelid after an eye surgery because any manipulation in the eyelid can weaken the muscle that maintains the opening of the eye. Coma and stroke are also conditions that may lead to ptosis. Whatever the cause of droopy eyelids, plastic surgery Sydney can aid you in bidding farewell to it.


Frequently Asked Questions about Ear Surgery

ear surgeryEar deformities can occur in a wide variety. Some patients are even born with protruding ears or even absent ears because of weak or poorly formed cartilage. Deformities of the ear are a result of trauma related to accidents or can be acquired through birth. These deformities may cause social anxiety in both children and adults. Regardless of the origin, all of these ear conditions can be treated and corrected surgically through Sydney plastic surgery. These procedures guarantee that the patient’s hearing will not be altered, but the appearance will improve and self- confidence of a person will increase. All of these are possible through Sydney plastic surgery.

How Cosmetic Ear Surgery Is Done

Ear reshaping comes in many forms. One makes use of cutting the cartilage out. The cartilage is the main structural component of the ear. Another involves folding the ear and stitching a part of the cartilage rather than cutting it away.  In either case, your plastic surgeon Sydney will start by incising the back of the ear with a small cut. This will allow access into the cartilage for the procedure to be done. After the surgery is complete, your plastic surgeon Sydney will close the incision with stitches.

What to Expect and How to Prepare for Cosmetic Ear Surgery

Ear surgery will last for two to three hours. This entirely depends on the complexity of the procedure. If another surgery will be done, then it may take additional hours. Plastic surgery Sydney surgeons will give you detailed information about what your case requires. For adults, a local anesthesia together with a sedative is used. For children, general anesthesia is used in order to put them to sleep in order for them not to move during the procedure. People who are subjected to general anesthesia are not allowed to take anything by mouth after midnight before the surgery and the last meal should be soft foods only.

Most ear surgeries at plastic surgery Sydney are done on an outpatient basis. For adults, after the surgery is completed, they can already go home at the same day. In the case of a child, one night stay in the hospital is preferred.

It’s Never Too Late to have an Ear Surgery

ear surgeryIf a person’s ears are misshapen or is protruding, cosmetic surgery Sydney may be the best option to decide on. The ear surgery or which is also known as otoplasty is commonly done on children with age range of 4 to 14 years old. If you think it is too late, well it is never too late to have otoplasty. But the younger the person is, the better, as the ear cartilage is much softer during earlier years of life.

Cosmetic surgery Sydney offers otoplasty in order to correct various ear conditions such as abnormally large lobes of the ear, lop ear, shell ear and protruding ears. Adults may still look into getting an ear surgery as they are still potential candidates. Adults with protruding ears may still have practical problems such as difficulty in wearing different headgears like a helmet. Women with protruding ears may also look into getting an ear surgery because they may feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about exposing their ears up.

Deciding on Ear Surgery

Consulting your plastic surgeons Sydney is the first step in deciding for this procedure. They know what is good for you and will advise you regarding the must-knows of the procedure. During you first meeting, it is vital to tell your plastic surgeons Sydney about your expectations, goals as well as your past to current medical history. Also inquire about the risks, costs, benefits, recovery time and other things you would like to talk about.

You can also talk to the health insurance company where you are registered to find out what the insurance may be able to cover. Most health insurance companies will only cover the ear reshaping surgery if it will surely solve a problem in the ear’s function. For example, if plastic surgeon Sydney will do the ear surgery to correct a deformity, hearing impairment or congenital abnormality, then your insurance will surely provide coverage.

But if it will be done for cosmetic purposes only, then expect that it will not be covered at all. In this case, ask your plastic surgeon Sydney for full details regarding the costs and payment options.

Chinplants on the Rise!

chin surgeryAn upsurge in the chin surgery using chin implants has been noted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Chin surgeries rose and grew more than Botox, liposuction and breast augmentation combined in the year 2011.

This phenomenon appears to be sparked by the increase in the usage of video technology, an aging population and a desire to be successful in the workplace. Chin surgery skyrocketed among men and women over the age of 20. The biggest increase is seen in patients that are 40 years or older. Professionals like plastic surgery Sydney has contributed to this upsurge through website advertisements online.

The chin and jawline are known to be the first areas in the face to display signs of aging. People are considering chin surgery as one of the way in restoring their youthful appearance.

Those people who have higher positions and those who are famous tend to have stronger chins. Maybe being famous brings people to resorting to chin surgery in plastic surgery Sydney or other professionals because people are subconsciously associating a stronger chin with self-confidence, trustworthiness and more authority. Factors like gaining competitive advantage in a person’s workforce can lead people into considering various facial cosmetic procedures. People seek the help of experts in this field like plastic surgeons Sydney in order to have a perfect chin.

Rising chinplants may also be associated with the new generation of people today. Generation X which is a name for today’s new generation has been known for trying new things. Those things that the past generations did not experienced. With new technologies in beauty enhancement such as in plastic surgeons Sydney, people opt to take this opportunity in order to change themselves. They feel like they have a complete control over changing their appearance through these latest technologies.

Changing the shape of the chin is like a dream come true for those people aspiring for a perfect chin. We may not know if chinplants upsurge may still continue as new generations continue to bloom and other starts to age. Chin surgery in Sydney plastic surgery can give solution to both problems of chin imperfections and aging chin. If a person will consider having a chin surgery, it is vital to fully understand the basics of the procedure and the things to do in order to avoid complications. Talk to your Sydney plastic surgery surgeon about it to answer all of your queries.

Chin Surgery: Restructuring a Person’s Symbol of Character, Resolve and Strength

chin surgeryThe chin of a person is not only a physical part of the body. The position of the chin indicates psychological connotations. It symbolizes character, resolve and strength. It also refers to a person’s resiliency and ability to spring back from adversity according to symbolists.

Individuals being unique have different chin positions, shape and form. Some has chin deformity, excessive chin length and misalignments. These chin imperfections causes a person to have less self-esteem and can affect the way they live. Cosmetic surgery Sydney offers chin surgery which can restructure and redefine a person’s chin. In this case, a person’s dream of getting that perfect chin will be one step closer to reality.

The chin and jawline are one of the facial areas which are vulnerable to the signs of aging. These areas are very noticeable that’s why a person’s age range may be easily known by just looking into it. With cosmetic surgery Sydney, a fine chin that can add balance to the face can be achieve and can make a person look younger.

How is Chin Surgery Performed?

Restructuring the chin is achieved with the use of implants or by repositioning the bone that supports the chin. Plastic surgeons Sydney makes use of different chin implants that is manufactured from various materials. As of this day, there are no recorded diseases associated with the use of chin implants. Before the procedure is done, plastic surgeons Sydney will consult and discuss to the patient the type of chin implant to be used.

During the surgery, an incision will be made in the inside of the lower lip or beneath the chin. The chin bone will be repositioned and the desired implant will be placed.

Plastic surgery Sydney can combine chin surgery or genioplasty with different procedures such as the following for a better outcome:

  • Laser skin resurfacing
  • Neck
  • Neck liposuction

Potential Candidates for Chin Surgery

  • Persons with excessive chin length
  • Persons who lack chin dimension and definition
  • Persons with deformed chin
  • Physically and mentally fit person
  • Those having positive outlook and realistic expectations about the procedure

Before deciding on getting a chin surgery, it is best to talk to your surgeon at plastic surgery Sydney to be aware and knowledgeable about what to expect in the procedure.

Self-Care of Brow Lift surgery

brow liftIf one is troubled with sagging and wrinkled brow and forehead, looking into having a brow lift with the best plastic surgeon in Sydney may be a wise move to take. However, this surgery is not as easy and comfortable as you think. There are risks and complications and you must take care of yourself meticulously in order speed up healing.

Home Care after Brow Lift Surgery

  • Follow post-operative instructions given by the best plastic surgeon in Sydney carefully, regarding the care of the wound because infection may alter the outcome of the surgery.
  • Do not bend over for two to three weeks.
  • Avoid stress on the wounds such as trauma and further stretching.
  • Avoid further and excessive facial movements like frowning or laughing.
  • Eat protein rich foods such as lean meat, eggs, beans, and sea foods.
  • Immediately report any signs of bleeding and excruciating pain in the surgical area to your healthcare provider in order to have prompt treatment.
  • Take pain relief medication per physician’s instructions.

Long-Term Outlook in Life after Brow Lift Surgery

Keep in mind that a brow lift does not entirely change one’s fundamental appearance and cannot stop the process of aging. Even though it gives permanent results, the skin will continue to age. A healthy lifestyle and minimizing exposure to sunlight will aid in maintaining the outcome of the surgery. You can expect the brow and forehead to appear more firm. Talk to your surgeon at plastic surgery Sydney in order to have more knowledge about the long-term effect of brow lift.

Brow Lift Surgery Alternatives

If one does not want to endure pain related to brow lift surgery, he or she can resort to alternatives such as:

  • Accepting yourself
  • Dermal fillers or injections into wrinkles
  • Laser resurfacing

Things to Bear in Mind

Plastic surgery Sydney may give you a young looking skin but there are things to bear in mind. These are:

  • A brow lift corrects a sagging and deeply furrowed brow only.
  • Brow lift does not stop the process of aging.
  • There will be permanent scars that will fade as time goes by.

Look and Feel young with Brow Lift

brow liftThe brow and the forehead are one of the facial areas that are noticeable when aging occurs. These areas can be easily noticed because they are in in the upper region of the face. The person can have expression lines and creases on the brow and forehead thus reflecting their age range. This makes other persons easily judge your age.

If a person is troubled with this inevitable changes brought by aging, he or she may look into getting a brow lift at cosmetic surgery Sydney. You can get an instant young appearance with a brow lift surgery and it will look like you travelled back in time in your prime!

Benefits of a Brow Lift

Having a brow lift at cosmetic surgery Sydney will give you the following benefits:

  • Improves frown lines, creases and wrinkles in the eyebrows
  • Repositions ugly sagging brow
  • Lifts the eyebrows for a youthful appearance

Rejuvenation procedures are done in conjunction with a brow lift for a perfect outcome. These includes:

  • Eyelid surgery
  • Facelift
  • Skin resurfacing techniques

Types of Brow Lifts

Plastic surgeons Sydney can perform the two types of brow lift depending on the situation. These types are:

  • Classic lift – involves continuous cut from the ears going to the hairline
  • Endoscopic lift – makes use of shorter scalp cuts

Who are the Potential Candidates?

Those persons who want to look young through a brow lift will be screened first by plastic surgeons Sydney if they are fit enough. The potential candidates are:

  • Non-smoker
  • Persons with realistic outlook and expectations in mind for the betterment of their appearance
  • Physically and mentally fit persons

What are the Risks and Complications of Brow Lift?

In order for the patient to fully understand the procedure, plastic surgeon Sydney will explain all the things the patient must know including the risks and complications such as:

  • Adverse reactions of anesthesia
  • Asymmetry of the face
  • Bleeding or haemorrhage
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Intense itching
  • Risk for infection
  • Skin discoloration and excessive swelling
  • Skin sensation changes

Upon understanding all of the must-knows of the procedure,  you will be asked to sign a consent by your plastic surgeon Sydney before getting into the procedure.



What to know Before Taking One Step towards Facial Transformation

face surgeryGetting yourself a new look with the aid of plastic surgeon Sydney without being aware of the basics of the procedure is just like going out to war without a weapon. When a person is excited about a certain thing, he or she will rush into it without further ado.

Before anything else, it is vital for a person who will undergo a face surgery to discuss the procedure with your plastic surgeon Sydney as this can ease all of the worries.  You should inquire about the competence of the surgeon, what sort of necessary preparations will be done, length of the procedure and any risks involved. You should also ask if how many procedures can be done as face surgeries may not have only one procedure. It may require other surgeries such as face lift Sydney to have a perfect outcome.

What are the Risks Involved?

Upon proper assessment made by the surgeon at plastic surgery Sydney, you can now have the procedure. But you should keep in mind that face surgery has risks such as :

  • Adverse reactions to the anesthesia
  • Bleeding
  • Blood clots
  • If you are a smoker, healing may be delayed
  • Infection
  • Nausea
  • Numbness

You will also want know all associated payment options prior to the procedure but verify with your healthcare provider. If you will pay for the procedure, seek available options for payments.

What will Recovery Process be like?

Most plastic surgery at plastic surgery Sydney may not require a long stay. Some procedures can be performed on an out-patient basis. Before you leave the hospital, instructions about the care of the surgical area, diet, medications and date of follow up will be provided.

Following the surgery, generally, the patient should:

• Avoid aspirin as this can cause bleeding.

• Avoid strenuous exercise for two weeks.

• Refrain from lifting weight and engaging in contact sports for one month.

• Talk with the best plastic surgeon in Sydney about your medication to thoroughly manage pain and unwanted swelling.

Most patients are back to normal lifestyle and returns to work after one to two weeks after the surgery, when bruising and swelling are minimized and their looks has improved.

Face your Face Problems!

face surgeryThe face functions as a showroom of who we are physically. Our feelings and emotions can be reflected into our face. It serves as our trademark and identity. The face is where one can see beauty.

In our everyday living, people experienced facial injuries, diseases and deformities that takes away the appearance in them. Some people also are born with deprivement of beauty; both injuries and being born without a beautiful face may affect a person emotionally and psychologically.

So, how can you face your problem if the problem is your face? Today it’s not a problem anymore, people resort to face surgery such as in cosmetic surgery Sydney in order to transform themselves.

Being mum and doing nothing about your facial problems is not the right thing to do. You can resort to trying out new things than doing nothing at all. Plastic surgery Sydney can aid you live a better life.

Facing Face Problems with Face Surgery

Cosmetic surgery Sydney offers a wide variety of face surgeries to correct face problems. So what do you need to know about face surgery? It is a surgical intervention in order to treat facial injuries, diseases and imperfections in the facial areas which includes the head, neck, mouth and jaw. Face surgery has a wide range of surgical procedures like rhinoplasty Sydney. It includes the following:

  • Brow Lift minimizes forehead creases that occur high on the nose bridge.
  • Cheek Augmentation highlight the cheeks by putting an implant or injecting fillers on the bones of the cheek.
  • Chin Surgery fixes receding chins, unwanted chin excess and misalignment
  • Ear Reshaping Surgery (Otoplasty) – improves the ear position, shape and proportion.
  • Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty) eliminates excess skin and fat from the eyelids.
  • Face Lift Surgery (Rhytidectomy) – enhances unwanted signs of aging in the face and neck.
  • Lip Enhancement redesigns the lower and upper lip.
  • Neck lift improve the appearance of the neck by removing excess skin and fats.
  • Nose Reshaping Surgery (Rhinoplasty) – improves nose proportion and appearance and fixes breathing impairment.

Face surgeries like rhinoplasty Sydney will bring great impact in a person’s life by eliminating the underlying face problems. The person who had undergone face surgery at plastic surgery Sydney may have upsurge in self-confidence, can have a positive outlook in life and most of all, will try new things that the old self did not experienced.

Breast Implant Revision: Artificial Way of Correcting Breast Problems

implant revisionWhile implants and augmentations are carefully planned and done, changes in a person’s life and in implants can require breast revision as time passes by. These changes happen from the implants themselves or may be a result of natural changes in the breast after giving birth or weight variations. Some women may resort to breast implant revision such as in plastic surgery Sydney. Sometimes a revision may require a breast reduction.

Whatever is required to fix problems and other concerns in the region of the breast, every individual is unique and has their own different desires and needs.

Who are the Good Candidates for Breast Implant Revision?

It is natural for the human body to change as time pass by and in reaction to different events such as weight loss and birthing a child. Aside from these changes, the original breast implant may also change that’s why implant revision at plastic surgery Sydney is required. Good candidates for this procedure are those who have experienced the following:

  • Breast implant deflation
  • Capsular contracture (tightening of scar tissue)
  • Shifting of implants

Some women do not even need these changes in order to get a breast revision. They can simply engage in this procedure if they are tired of the old implants and desire a new one. The most important part is to talk to your healthcare provider at plastic surgeon Sydney about your decision of getting an implant revision so that the procedure will run in a smooth manner.

What to Expect in the Recovery Process

Breast revision is actually one of the various breast procedures performed by plastic surgeon Sydney. This can involve a breast lift, breast augmentation or a breast reduction. Here are what to expect about the procedure:

  • You will normally experience swelling and soreness for about a week but it will fade over time.
  • The surgical area will be wrapped with bandages and dressings in order to aid in minimizing swelling.
  • A temporary tube will be placed in order to drain any excess body fluids and blood.
  • Post-operative instructions will be given by your healthcare provider in order to minimize postoperative complications.