Ear Surgery

If you or your child is always a subject of bullying because of irregularities in the ears, an ear surgery might stop this negative treatment from others.

Ear surgery or medically referred to as Otoplasty, can develop the position, shape or proportion of the ears. An ear surgery can correct inborn defected ear structures or malformed ears caused by accident or injury.

Ear surgery can give a natural shape to the ears. It also essentially brings balance and harmony to the ears and face. The modification of even minor ear distortions can have deep impact to the patient’s self-esteem and overall being.

So, if protruding or abnormal ears trouble you or your child, try to consider an ear surgery now.

Ear surgery can treat:

  • Excessively large ears
  • Protruding ears
  • Discontent with past ear surgery

earEar surgery is an excellent option for individuals who are:

  • Physically healthy with no untreated ear infections, have ear cartilage that is stable for correction
  • 5 years of age or older
  • Cooperative and strictly follow instructions
  • Optimistic

Ear Surgery Procedural Steps:

  1. Anaesthesia
  2. The incision
  3. Closing the incisions
  4. See the results

otoplastyAfter the Treatment

The patient will feel discomfort right away but this is normal and can be managed with pain medicines. There is also a scratchy feeling beneath the bandages; the patient must secure that the bandages stay intact and are not detached. Failure to do so might be disastrous to the surgery and might involve a secondary surgery instead.

Take the next step. If you want to learn more about ear surgery, set an appointment with us. We will be happy to discuss it with you.