Vaginoplasty Sydney

Are you unhappy with the way your vagina looks?

There are several common concerns about the way your genital area looks or feels:

  • Your inner labia protrude outside your outer labia
  • Your labia are misshapen, irregular or not symmetrical
  • Your labia have changed appearance with childbirth
  • Your vaginal canal has stretched with childbirth or age and feels loose. This may be most obvious during intercourse.

Some women consider surgery because of aesthetic or cosmetic reasons – their labia may be visible through swimwear or underwear, or the appearance of their vagina might make them feel embarrassed or lacking confidence during sex, particularly with a new partner.

Dr Mark Kohout offers different types of Genital surgery at his Sydney clinic:

Labioplasty – This surgery concentrates on the appearance of the labia, making them smaller, tucked in and more symmetric. It also may give relief from discomfort and chafing by removing excess skin.

Vaginoplasty – This surgery is also known as vaginal tightening and works on the interior vaginal canal to tighten the vaginal muscle and lining. The pelvic floor muscles are also tightened.

Hymen Repair ( Hymenoplasty ) – Restoration of Hymen is a simple procedure that repairs any tears in the hymen membrane. The procedure usually takes less than an hour to perform in a day surgery.

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labiaplasty sydney

vaginoplasty sydney